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Vermouth  -  SWB stallion 16. 3 hands












Welcome, Tailwinds Farm is a sport horse training and breeding facility located in Texas, USA.  While specializing in the sport of dressage, we enjoy following the TWF bred horses in their hunter, jumping and combined training careers. The stallions have excelled in all the FEI disciplines and are definitely passing those traits to their offspring.

We have had the pleasure of representing for North American breeders, the world’s #1 ranked dressage stallion, Briar 899 and now his newly approved brother, Okeanos 1097, for Dalhem Farms in Sweden. We also were privileged with the opportunity to import the stallion Vermouth 858 (winner of Sweden’s stallion testing) from Sweden’s, Maud Phersson.  We are providing  both high quality fresh-cooled and frozen semen for all the stallions we represent.

Both, Briar and Vermouth, have produced North America’s two highest scored offspring in North America during their respective Swedish Inspection tours. Many young offspring by each stallion are now trading places in taking the Championship and Reserve Champion at the breed shows including being awarded the “high point” at many shows. We have had very good success with both the frozen and fresh-cooled semen by Briar, Vermouth, and now Okeanos1097, including many embryo-transfers as well.


Fresh-Cooled semen direct from Europe to your mare!

For Sale:


USAnumerous foals thru upper level horses



Sweden - foals through Grand Prix dressage including jumpers


Bloodlines:   Briar, Okeanos, Vermouth, Donnerhall, Pik As, Almanach I, Hockey, Flamingo, Flemingh, Schradroneur

Text Box: Fresh and frozen semen available on all stallions:


Vermouth 858


Briar 899

Okeanos 1097

Vermouth -  Sweden’s     stallion test winner



Vermouth has a newly approved son!  Cinzano is the 2nd approved stallion bred by Tailwinds Farm. Bella Karoli by Briar, and now Cinzano by Vermouth. Congratulations to owner  Wendy Hsue!